Gridserve UK Solar Carport

History : 2012 - The Beginnings of Bluetop

Every entrepreneurial journey begins with an idea, challenge, or problem. Bluetop’s founder, Ole Gregersen, encountered a unique challenge: finding the ideal shading structure for his Skanderborg terrace. Unable to find a solution on the market, he designed and built the shading structure himself, transforming a personal project into a professional venture.

After the success of his own creation, Ole expanded his vision and began producing steel and glass shading structures for other property owners. The innovative idea of integrating solar modules into parking lot and residential car shelter roofs to generate green energy was born, giving rise to Bluetop 1.0.

2013 - Protecting our kids

Our very first significant challenge and initial success materialized with the creation of a solar shading structure for a daycare center in Denmark.

Established in 2013, this structure continues to provide shelter and sun protection for the little ones while generating clean electricity for the entire building’s occupants.

2014 - Scaling Strategies

During the solar shading structures design process, the company simultaneously experimented with various products while distributing solar solutions to other businesses. However, to foster Bluetop’s growth, specialization was necessary. A strategic decision was made to materialize growth ambitions on an international scale.

As of 2014, the company fully dedicated itself to designing and manufacturing solar shading structures specifically tailored for outdoor parking lots. Bluetop Solar Parking emerged as a European pioneer exclusively committed to this niche market, driving the development of innovative products. This focus led to the establishment of long-span carport production in Denmark.

2014 - Elon Musk, Bluetop's first customer

In 2014, Tesla was gearing up for its launch in the United Kingdom. Elon Musk was in search of an elegant solar canopy for their June event in London, designed to accommodate 3 Teslas. The company wanted to convey a compelling message during media interviews, emphasizing the importance of renewable energy sources.

Just 5 weeks before the launch, Bluetop was chosen as the supplier and successfully met the challenge of designing and installing a custom carport within the agreed-upon timeframe. This experience bolstered confidence and intensified the company’s determination to persevere in the continuous improvement of its products, paving the way for further success and growth.

Milestones : 2011 - 2023

2011 – First delivery of a residential steel and glass shading structure
2012 – First residential solar carport and first solar pergola for a patio
2013 – Shading structure for a daycare center in Denmark
2014 – Creation of Bluetop Solar Parking & first commercial solar carport for Tesla
2015 – First long-span carports for Ecopark and Mercedes
2016 – Delivery of the first project for a supermarket in France
2017 – Winner of the E.ON Innovation Challenge award in Germany
2018 – First EV charging station project and first university project in Dubai
2020 – Supplier for world’s first EV charging park & creation of Polish subsidiary
2021 – Launch of an ultramodern roof system designed for solar carports
2022 – Opening of our commercial office in Germany
2023 – Creation of subsidiary in the UK